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Chopper Franklin to Release Spaghetti Western Dub Album

Spaghetti Western Dub Album - Chopper FranklinFrom the Ratchet Blade Records “Spaghetti Western Dub No. 1” press release: Get ready to embark on a sonic journey like no other as rock & roll veteran Chopper Franklin is set to release a Spaghetti Western Dub album, a thoroughly groundbreaking record that fuses the vast, arid landscapes of Spaghetti Western music and the infectious rhythms of Dub Reggae. The single “The Scorpion Says DUB” will be out 11/17/23 and the album will have a January 2024 release date date.

In the spirit of the Clash, Bad Brains and Public Image Limited’s brews of reggae and punk, Franklin takes his own original Spaghetti Western compositions and remixes them with the deep, bass-heavy rhythms and echo-drenched soundscapes of Dub. This fusion of styles is something you’ve never heard before, and it’s all happening on Ratchet Blade Records.

Spaghetti Western Dub Album - Chopper FranklinIn a world where music can often feel predictable, Chopper Franklin’s upcoming album offers a refreshing departure from the ordinary. Known for his relentless energy and innovation, Chopper has played with legendary bands and artists (The Cramps, Wanda Jackson, Nick Curran), as well as creating his own projects, often pushing the boundaries of musical genres. “Spaghetti Western Dub No. 1” also features the epic vocals of Chopper’s Ratchet Blade Records labelmates Mather Louth (Heathen Apostles) and the Phantom of the Black Hills (hillbilly/thrash outlaws). They’ve sang on genre-bending songs like “The Scorpion Says Dub” (the album’s first single, out 11/17/23), “Blood, Tears and Thunder Dub” (a tale of a good man forced into an outlaw gang) and “The Ghost of a Believer Dub” (a story of a good romance gone bad) that transcend boundaries and invites listeners on an unforgettable journey.

The new Chopper Franklin album will be released in January 2024, and “The Scorpion Says Dub” single will be released Nov. 17th on Ratchet Blade Records, a label known for its dedication to unique and innovative music. With an impressive roster of artists who push boundaries and challenge expectations, Ratchet Blade Records is the perfect platform for this musical experiment.