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Professional Sinners: LP
A lot of the country revival produced by hard rockers comes across as a little affected to me. While it’s not my bag, Professional Sinners comes across as a sincere effort. The band can play and the record is well produced. The songs have a range of rockabilly and hard country influences and go beyond learning a few chords and whining about drinking. I would think those into later Social Distortion would enjoy this. – Billups Allen – Razorcake

Sean Wheeler is already the front man with the sleazy Salton Sea hard rockers Throwrag, but playing with Charley Horse gives him a chance to dig deeper into his rockabilly roots. Charley Horse is primarily a collaboration between Wheeler and the Cramps’ Scott “Chopper” Franklin, who wrote most of the songs on Unholy Roller (Acetate Records), save for a rollicking version of Jerry Reed’s “Eastbound & Down.” “Bodies Piled Up” is a messy tale of murder, “Tijuana” is a typical gringo travelogue, and “Cleopatra’s Bed” picks up the jagged pieces of a broken heart. “We All Fall Down” is an unexpected remake of the old Mau-Maus song with new (and less cliché-ridden) lyrics, while “Got the Roscoe?” is a weird instrumental break with lumbering, ominous bass and squawking sax. You won’t be hearing this impolite devil’s music on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic anytime soon, thank gawd.” (Falling James) LA WEEKLY

“Punkrock n roll with a big dose of countryblues, its dirty, its nasty, it makes me feel like drinking till I fall down and waking up in the middle of the street with a massive hangover and a horseshoe stuck in my ass which says Charley Horse. The album has a big collection of interesting samples too, and a lot of them I cannot even place. But there are the sounds of smashing glasses, which gives that good ol barfight feeling. Why the fuck am I still blabbering and are you still reading. Check it out right now if you can relate to the text written above…” Metalrage

“The Charley Horse sound is greasy enough to clog your arteries, sleazy enough to saturate your moms panties, and meaner than a rye whiskey hangover. These wily delinquents have ganged up to produce music that is sure to foster the inner-felon in all of us. From its manic, gritty rockabilly opener Bad Ass Dad to the final surftinged punk rock track Loco, Unholy Roller had me planning bank robberies, grand theft, and jailhouse tattoos. Get it before its contraband.” – The Nerve Magazine

“From the opening track Bad Ass Dad you know youre in for one hell of a ride. These Hell-o-Billy, Danger Rockers know what you want: a down & dirty back alley mix that will leave ya screaming more, more, more!” – NY Waste

“A searing mix of down-in-the-gutter rock n roll and psychobilly madness” –

“The style goes into the direction of the Cramps mixed with some dirty RnR – dangerous stuff.” –

“This bunch plays up the greaser rock thing mixed with the psychobilly stylings. CD includes a terrific video.” – Parasol Review

“Rock-a-billy with a B horror flick twist. Up there on the fun meter.” – Bite Me! Zine

“There’s ten tracks on this album and on it you’ll hear everything from country and punk to rock n roll and surf. One thing all the songs have in common is that they’re played dirty and sleazy….. the way you like your girls as long as you’ll never have to introduce them to your parents!” –